The Sharing Economy is Changing How We Live

Companies such as Uber and Airbnb are fundamentally changing the way we live and work. Forty-five million adults in the U.S., or more than one in five people, have worked in the sharing economy, according to a new report. Twice the number of Americans that have worked in the sharing economy have used services provided by sharing-economy companies. More than 86 million adults in the U.S., or more than two in five people, have used sharing-economy services, according to the report. US is by far the biggest markets, but Europe is growing rapidly as well, with UK leading the way accounting for one-in-10 of the world's companies in this new digital sector, more than Europe's next three most prolific hubs – France, Spain and Germany – combined.

The global sharing economy is worth $15bn per year, according to PwC, and is projected to soar to $335bn in 10 years. The UK sector is set to grow from £500m to £9bn over the next decade. "The sharing economy has the potential to change everything about how we access goods and services," said JustPark chief executive Alex Stephany, who wrote the book The Business of Sharing.

Explosive is inspired by the new economic terms, we combine them with a more traditional business concept, like Direct Selling, to create a new way of doing business. In the US buying clubs are getting increasingly popular, these are clubs where you need to become a member before you can become a customer. Some sell their products with no extra margin, the membership fee makes up for the profit of the business, others offer you great discounts as the club can negotiate on behalf of thousands rather then you as a customer trying to get a better deal on your own. Explosive have added a new element to the buying groups, we enable our members to share Explosive with others which enables our members to not only get better deals, they can build their own business being a part of Explosive. We are truly changing the way business is being done, and making an impact on people’s lives.

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