Cancellation and Refund

With purchases on our webpage giving instant access to the service/product you paid for, being an online service, we normally consider all sales as final. Should you make a request for a refund before 11:00 CET for a sale which took place between yesterday 11:00 CET and today 11:00 CET we will respect this and refund your purchase in full.

A purchase is when you order product/services from your back office, and when you join Explosive Global as a Premium member, either upon registering on our webpage, or from your back office when upgrading from a member to a premium member. As all services/products offered by Explosive Marketing are non-physical (electronic), there is no shipping involved and therefore no return options.

When registering on the Explosive website, either as a member or as a Premium member, you are added to our member database. Should you wish to end your membership you can contact us about this, we will then cancel your membership.

Service not provided
If the product/service is not provided as described upon the purchase you are in title to a full refund.

Contact information for refund and cancellations
For the matters related to the above, please contact our support team by email: Note that you will receive a support ticket confirmation after submitting your request, should not receive this please check your spam filter as this mean you will neither receive our respons to your request.

Once the request is received we will process it within 48 hours, Monday to Friday.

Chargeback is a credit card terminology related to when a card have been fraudulent used without your approval, or you as a customer have not received products/services you paid for with your card.

When you use your card on the Explosive websites you will gain access to the product/service the moment your payment has been accepted. You cannot later file a complaint that you did not receive what you paid for; this will be a fraudulent complaint and a criminal offence.