Explosive is on a mission to change old school businesses, and we are doing this by building a community of like-minded people which will create a momentum of consumer power to back our businesses.

Why Join Explosive?

We believe that businesses built for a community will create more benefits, better deals, and a better experience for the members of the community. And as we grow we will not only change existing business concepts, we will be able to offer great deals from a selected range of Explosive partners to the members of our community.

The Community Approach

You could say that our way of thinking is much like the world worked decades ago, and in some parts of the world it’s still the case, everything is based around a community. The main difference is that Explosive adds it’s new way of thinking, and uses new technology, to create an innovating way of doing business as a community.

two girls sharing secrets

It's all about sharing

Contrary to traditional businesses Explosive is building it's brand based on sharing. This is how businesses go viral today - some of the biggest online companies was built solely by sharing.

The first Explosive business concept

Massive Online Gambling (MOG) B.V. doing business as Explosive Gambling will operate the first business concept which bring our innovating ideas into old school businesses. MOG have spent over 10 years re-inventing gambling, their games will cost less to play, pay bigger prizes and offer better odds. We have removed all the limitations ordinary casinos has. And we offer 100% transparent gambling, with players playing against each other, not against the house.


Our goal is to create businesses which will become the ‘Google and Apple’ of its industry, and we believe that gambling is a good starting point. When we have transformed the third biggest economy in the world there is no one who will doubt that we can take on any business and transform it. Who knows what comes next…

I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure - It is: Try to please everybody.