Passive income - Unlimited income

Rather that spending millions and millions on marketing we instead pay you for sharing Explosive with others. It is much more effective and it also creates more loyal members. It is a win-win situation, the perfect partnership. We are giving you the opportunity of a lifetime, to build your own business together with us.

Dreams can come through

Explosive enables you to fulfil your dreams and ambitions. We offer an unique and rewarding opportunity which can help you achieve financial freedom.

Our marketing explained

Explosive Global is using a hybrid between the Collaborative Economy and Direct Selling for its marketing. Direct Selling have been around for decades and is today a 200+ billion USD annual business sector, while new economic terms such as shared and crowd has proven highly effective to build huge volumes of users and revenue.
What sets us apart from Direct Selling is our sharing approach. We don’t sell. In today’s world the right concepts will go viral simply by sharing. Our reward structure are on the other hand based on the Direct Selling model, it enables our Premium members to earn unlimited income by sharing Explosive with others.
Premium membership

Affiliate account setup (entitled to commissions)
Personal back office (track sales and commissions)
Internal e-wallet account
Prepaid card for commission withdrawals
Replicated Explosive webpage
Online marketing tools
Explosive Premium education
Access to Explosive events

Premium onetime fee: €249

How to learn more

The Explosive membership is by invitation only, in order to join you need to know an existing member. Simply contact the person who shared Explosive with you and he/she will explain more about how we work, and the benefits of becoming a part of Explosive.


There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.